Should I Allow Embedding For My Videos On YouTube

Have you seen the option Allow Embedding for your Videos on YouTube while uploading your videos? 

If you are a frequent video uploader or YouTube Partner then you must seen this and you may be allowed it also. Some of us may know what EMBEDDING means but not what embedding can do.

So today I'm gonna reveal what is embedding for new users and what embedding can do for All. And I'm sure after reading this post you will get a clear idea about YouTube video embedding. 

youtube embedding

  • What is Embedding?
  • What Embedding Can Do.

What Is Embedding?

The answer to this question is simple and it is also on YouTube."Allow others to embedded your video on their site or blog", In general, it is an Html code that can be pasted anywhere.

This sounds very simple and doesn't bring any bad feelings. But in real Embedding means you and anyone can take the URL of that video and can paste directly that at their site or blog for their own purpose.

No one even need your permission to do that. If you unknowingly allowed that for your Videos then you must be aware.

What Embedding Can Do:

You have known what is embedding so it's time to talk about what embedding can do. As I said earlier no one even needs your permission to paste your video URL at their site or Blog for their own purpose or whatever may be, so you must think before doing it.

Good Part of Allowing Video Embedding: If you have made a video for good reason and want to reach many people then I would suggest you, allow embedding to reach a bigger audience with the help of others and you can also allow this option for your Channel Ad.

Bad Part of Allowing Video Embedding: What I'm gonna say, You may not have thought about this or maybe you did. As I said earlier No one needs your permission to paste the link of your video at their site or blog and you can reach a bigger audience by allowing embedding. 

First: You may get some extra views but If you Monetize your videos then it may cost you. You will see a drop on your estimated earning because youtube only shows ads on their platform or where video format (height, width) is suitable but there is no guarantee of it. 

Second: And if your video is coming on the first page of the search result of that Category and also on Google search result page, Some people will use your video to come up in the first or second search result page and this will redirect your potential viewers to their site.

Third: What worse can happen some scam sites will use your content and channel name to come up in search results, and when someone visits those sites they will redirect the user to a misleading or false promotional app downloading page and that is too terrific to see.

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Hopefully, I will try to write about  "Misleading and false Promotional app downloading" in my next post. And also how it is done.

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